HIV Prevention

Bliss PrEP Program

PrEP is an abbreviation for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis: an HIV prevention strategy that currently involves taking a pill once a day to reduce the probabilities of acquiring HIV. Bliss designed a prevention program to provide care for all patients concerned with contracting HIV. This program implements a test-and-treat model in a way patients can go home with diagnostic, medicine, etc. the same day. Bliss believes patient with little or no insurances coverage should no have and out-of-pocket expenses to have their medication and lab tests done.

For patients interested in the program but wonder if insurance covers PrEP, Bliss intends to educate and inform future patient that many insurance plans, as well Medicare Medicaid do cover PrEP. However, patients should verify with their insurance policies. Bliss’ Care Managers and medical staff are more than happy to assist.

Bliss provides a home delivery testing kit (for those patients who prefer testing in the privacy of their home); patient are also welcome to do the testing at Bliss, where specialized and skilled nurses are ready to help.