Bliss Healthy Minds

Our primary goal is to provide support and therapy to those suffering from mental disorders. We will provide counseling care and support to patients. At some point, everyone faces tough situations that make life feel unbearable and difficult to reach out for help. The decision to face a problem directly is always a decision that requires strength. At Bliss, we consider it a privilege to work with individuals, couples, and families who are impacted by HIV, STDs, and Hepatitis. With the right help and focus, patients can thrive and increase their ability to heal.

Healthy Minds is an essential component of the Bliss integrative treatment model. Healthy Minds is designed to keep patients informed, emotionally supported, and focused on their continuous wellbeing. Our services are offered by licensed mental health and marriage and family therapists. Bliss Healthy Minds acknowledges the vitality and diversity of the community, and provides services in English and Spanish.