Bliss offers an In-House Specimen Collection Service that complies with all insurance company guidelines for Laboratory Services.  This courtesy is to ensure timely and accurate laboratory results while providing the most comfortable laboratory experience that is tailored to each patient!  Dr. Ortiz and his staff are committed to providing a customized specimen-collection process that is sensitive to any physical and emotional concerns.  Bliss utilizes the latest specimen collection equipment and techniques.  We have also linked our Electronic Medical Record with all the major area-laboratories giving our providers real-time access to results as they become available.

We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable and convenient laboratory service.  We encourage our patients to express any concerns about having their blood drawn so that we can tailor a collection process that will both reduce their anxiety and ensure that quality customer service and confidentiality are paramount.”

Services and Units of the Laboratory:
• Analytical Services
• Asbestos Information, Identification, Counting, Monitoring and Evaluation Services
• Autopsy Examination Services
• Bioaerosol Monitoring Unit
• Compensation Service
• Diagnostic Services
• Electron Microscopy Service
• Epidemiology Surveillance
• Ergonomics Unit
• Genotoxicity Assessment Unit
• Health Risk Assessment Unit
• Industrial Toxicology Information Services
• Library Services
• Micro and Nano – Particle Sizing
• Occupational Allergy Unit
• Occupational Health Risk Assessments
• Occupational Hygiene Audits
• Occupational Hygiene Surveys
• Occupational Medicine Referral Clinic
• Particle Toxicology/Nanotoxicology Unit
• Query Handling Service
• Toxicogenomics Unit
• Waterborne Pathogens Unit

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