Bliss laboratory provides information and services to our patients to contribute to facilitation of access to care, maximizing the effectiveness of treatment at Bliss. This service is provided to assure that the correct system is performed on the right patient, at the right time. Acquiring accurate test results enables providers to make the right diagnostics and therapeutic decisions, using the right level of health care resources from our collaborating laboratory agency partners.

It is important that before you meet with your doctor, you know all the services, we provide. Bliss wants you to have everything in one place, without going anywhere else, to make your visit comfortable and easy. We have included laboratory testing, giving the option of doing it at your visit or at home, or sending it directly to the lab. We have looked for innovative solutions with other laboratories to provide the fast and accurate results. Your results will be ready within 24 hrs. We understand how important your health is to you and want to address your concerns it as soon as possible.