HIV Medical care has been a challenge since the beginning of the epidemic in the early 1980’s has demanded the providers to be creative to fulfil the needs of our patients, sometimes additional training is needed to broaden the spectrum of care.

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STD Testing and Counseling

We recognize that value of testing, counseling, early treatment and access to care has proven to make the most difference in the markers of the epidemic. We will find ways to make it more accessible, clear , free of judgment an overall a pleasant experience.

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We will welcome our individuals at risk of HIV infection and provide them with new alternatives for prevention like Pre Exposure Prophylaxis ( PrEP) that has already proven to be effective reducing the risk of HIV transmission.

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Bliss Healthcare Services is established with a not for profit mission to provide comprehensive medical care to HIV infected patients and patients at risk. Bliss Healthcare Services will work in creative ways to facilitate access to services that usually are not c

Bliss Healthcare Services is an STD clinic established with a Benefit corporation with a social purpose. In a kind and compassionate setting, we provide individuals at risk of or living with HIV, Hepatitis and STD’s. In collaboration with our nonprofit sister agency BLISS CARES, we are proud to provide access to care management, adherence, medication assistance, diagnostic services and co pay assistance. We work hard to provide our patients with comprehensive services that are not usually covered by insurance Companies. We are committed to working with institutions and agencies to ensure that we constantly providing quality services and medical care.

overed by commercial insurances, such as Case Management, Mental Health, Medication Assistance and Adherence. Bliss will keep tight collaboration with institutions and agencies to improve the quality and the amount of Services offered to our clients without increasing the financial burden.

Our Doctor Team

Transgender Medicine

Dr. Ortiz and his culturally competent staff provide effective, affirming health care services for transgender and gender non-binary patients. Those who have gender identities that differ from the sex they…

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Support Services

Our dedicated Care Management team ensures that our patients have immediate access to care, and that they get the level of treatment they need. Care Managers are here to ease the journey of the…

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Anal Dysplasia

Anal cancer has been shown to be more prevalent and with more aggressive behavior in HIV infected individuals compared to the general population. This malignancy is strongly related to HPV…

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