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We are an HIV/STD Clinic serving the greater Orlando area with a not-for-profit mission and a social purpose vision to provide comprehensive medical care to individuals at risk of or living with HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C and other STDs.

BLISS is dedicated to providing healthcare for all patients regardless of their health insurance situation. While BLISS specializes in the treatment of HIV and STDs, it will work with and provide support and assistance for patients needing treatment for all medical needs.

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HIV Prevention

The BLISS Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis program leads to prevention of HIV and STDs through medication and mental health counseling.

HIV Treatment

The BLISS HIV Treatment program is designed to provide immediate care for all patients who have tested positive for HIV infection.


The BLISS Post-Exposure Prophylaxis program is designed to provide care within 48-72 hours of exposure for patients exposed to HIV.


BLISS STD treatment is designed with our test and treat model, and provides testing and results within 24 hours or less.

Anal Dysplasia

We are committed to identifying the early signs of the disease and offering medical treatments that are not too complex.

Living Hope Clinical Trials

HIV/AIDS clinical trials are research studies in which new therapies and prevention treatment strategies for HIV infection and AIDS are tested in humans. These studies are conducted by physicians and other health care professionals and can help determine the usefulness of experimental drugs in treating HIV infection.

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Support Services

Bliss Provides More Than Just Care

Our dedicated Care Management team ensures that our patients have immediate access to care and treatment and appropriate medications. The team assists patients in receiving services through Bliss Cares and other collaborating partners. We also offer support with housing, food, dental care and transportation.

Care Management’s goal is to help every patient find a permanent solution for access to care, such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Ryan White program. The key to our outstanding service is the customization of programs to fit individual needs.

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The Bliss Mission

Our Mission of a Community and World Free from Disease

At Bliss, we are dedicated to achieving our vision of a community and world that is free from diseases such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and STDs. Our goal is to achieve this vision by providing and improving medical care for patients while emphasizing prevention to patients at risk, and to coordinate and facilitate access to care and services through novate collaborations that reduce the financial burden to our patients.

Latest News

STAT STUDY. Currently enrolling.

If you have a new diagnosis of HIV -1 infection, this is the opportunity to be part of this new study. Contact to schedule your appointment!

Bliss Healthcare Services is a Certified B Corporation!

After 4 years of hard work Bliss Healthcare services is now a Certified B corporation.

Zero Infected Patients!

Zero Infected Patients with HIV that are under PrEP Treatment (patients with 95% adherence and compliance measured with UrSure test).The data is managed and published by Harvard University.

About Bliss

Dr. Roberto Ortiz is the visionary leader behind Bliss, and his goal is to provide medical care under one roof for patients with STDs, HIV, and Hepatitis A, B, and C. Dr Ortiz wanted a calming and non-judgmental environment where his patients feel treated with dignity and respect.