Support Services

Our dedicated Care Management team ensures that our patients have immediate access to care, and that they get the level of treatment they need. Care Managers are here to ease the journey of the newly diagnosed, by focusing on their specific situations. Care Management secures HIV, STD and Hepatitis C medications, as well as PEP and PrEP. For those who qualify for Bliss CARES services (based on financial circumstances), our team coordinates with Bliss partners including Hope and Help, Miracle of Love, the Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention, and the Department of Health for services. We provide access to more than medical care (including medication and counseling); we offer support with housing, food, dental care and transportation. Care Management is a bridge to supportive services, with the goal of helping every patient find a permanent solution for access to care, such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Ryan White program. The key to our outstanding service is customization of programs to fit individual needs.

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