Living Hope Clinical Trials

HIV/AIDS clinical trials are research studies in which new therapies and prevention treatment strategies for HIV infection and AIDS are tested in humans. These studies are conducted by physicians and other health care professionals, and can help determine the usefulness of experimental drugs in treating HIV infection. Clinical research studies are an important step in making new investigational medications available for future use.

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HIV Prevention. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

We welcome our individuals at risk of HIV infection and provide them with new alternatives for prevention, like Pre Exposure Prophylaxis ( PrEP). It has already proven to be effective in reducing the risk of HIV Aids transmission. The success of PrEP lies in compliance with recommendations and in understanding all the facts, in order to make an informed decision when opting to choose PrEP as part of your own prevention strategies. We will also be creative in the process to help you feel comfortable with your own decision. Our team will guide you step by step through the process in the simplest way.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases TEST

We recognize that the combination of testing, counseling, early treatment and access to care have proven to make the most difference in the markers of the epidemic. We will find ways to make it more accessible, clear, and free of judgment; an overall a pleasant experience.

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